Interaction with a Stranger

A few weeks ago, I was at chapters to pick up a book I ordered. I was waiting in line and this girl started asking me if she should get a hardcover copy or a paperback copy of the book in her hand since she couldn’t decide. I told her that I had done some research and found out that hard cover is meant to last longer but paperback is best for travel purposes or just carrying around. I myself, was getting a hardcover copy of my book so I figured she’d prefer the same. After talking about the book type she should get, the conversation continued. She seemed young, around the same age as me, so I decided to ask her if she goes to high school or university. She then went on to tell me she just graduated from high school and is now attending university online. Don’t worry we are getting to the good part….

So, our conversation kept going and I found out that we both graduated from the same high school! We were both surprised since we had never talked or seen each other and I know that may be hard to believe but I was always more of an introvert in school so I had limited friends and acquaintances. Plus there’s so many kids and your energy runs out by the time you graduate. We talked about our experience briefly with Covid-19 and how university is going and it was nice to get to know someone else besides the other people I already knew from school. We even exchanged socials and I have talked to her a few times since! It’s true when they say this is a small world-like really small for real.

Reflecting on that experience, I find that talking to someone face to face, is so much more engaging and connecting. I’m not saying that getting to know someone online through facetime, zoom, etc. is any less meaningful, but there’s a sense of disconnect when everyone feels like they have to act a certain way or say certain things in order to make a connection with one another. Another thing is, the fact that we are online so much now especially because of school, it gets tiring to talk to someone for “interaction” online repetitively. I’d rather meet people and talk in person. However, I still prefer a balance since I’m not super social but not super introverted either. I guess I’d call myself an ambivert because it really depends on whose company I’m in and the energy they bring with them while interacting.

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