Installation and Vision Process

Blogs are A LOT of work, let’s just put that out there. If I didn’t have someone to guide me on the entire installation, editing, backend process I don’t think I could have gotten my blog up so fast. I found that making an account and registering the URL and domain was even a little hard for me. I couldn’t decide what name to use for my blog’s URL and the fact that I couldn’t change it after was something pressurizing. However, once I decided on the name I could tell that not being able to change it is better because you learn to own your URL name rather than keep changing and rethinking it continuously over time. After that, figuring out how to set up categories, make posts, edit the actual blog itself, was so mentally draining for me. I just couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong and how to access everything. I had a lot of help from Jaiden, my TA otherwise I was going to keep drowning in worry.

When I learned how to do editing I thought about how I was having such a hard time because of the mental block I had created for myself with overthinking. I have also learned that blogging is not easy at all. It takes a lot of you; your time, your energy, your personality, and your heart and soul literally. I’m still in the process of learning and making my vision of how I want my blog to look come alive. It’s very difficult to recreate the vision in your mind’s space out onto a canvas; whether it be on paper or digitally and you can’t understand that until you try it yourself. My blog is nowhere near what I want it to look like or “imagined” it. It’s a work in progress and creativity is not my strongest pursuit which I know a lot of people say but are saying it as a casual statement. I realize that my blog may not look like what I want it to right now, but I’ll keep working on it to get as close as I can.

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